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Painting by Roberto Azank
Iris Alphia Ets-Hokin
Rose Fatima Ets-Hokin
A Letter from Mommy and Daddy

Dear Iris and Rose,
Welcome to your very own web-site.  We have designed and will continually
work on this web-site for a number of reasons, the most important of which
being that this is the virtual scrapbook of your lives from us to you.  We think it is
important for you to have this because by the time you are able to read and
understand this letter you will be well aware of the fact that you are very special
people adopted by us from Kazakhstan when you were less than one year old.

In this web site you will find journal entries from us about our trip to Kazakhstan
to pick you up and about our life together, photos of mostly the two of you and of
people who care about you and places you have been, information about
Kazakhstan, and feedback from all of our friends and family who came to this site
and wrote us a note about anything they may have wanted to share with us.

At the time we are writing this letter to the two of you our journey is only just
beginning.  Our very first journal entry can be seen on the "Journal" page dated
September 7th, 2004.  In this entry we talk about when we first learned that we
were going to get to adopt the two of you and how we felt.  

We have not even met, yet we love you both from the bottom of our hearts.  We
are consumed with the anticipation of the two of you coming into our lives and
completing our family.  

We will appreciate and cherish you both always,  

With Much Love,

Mommy and Daddy
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